November 13th, 2018 
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Sutton Group-Summit Realty Inc., Brokerage

 Training Courses for your Real Estate License in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Learn about the Real Estate License training courses required to obtain your REAL ESTATE LICENSE in Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario, Canada from Sutton Group-Summit Realty Inc., Brokerage. If you are considering a career in real estate try our real estate skills assessment simulator or to make a direct, no obligation inquiry call Brian Maguire or Tina Robinson at 905-897-9555 today or email .

Select from one of the links below for more detailed information:

Real Estate is your complete source to discover the training and licensing requirements to become a real estate agent on the Mississauga/Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) or the Oakville/Milton Real Estate Board. You may wish to test your sales skills level by trying our online real estate simulator or you can call Sutton Group-Summit at (905) 897-9555 or email to learn more today!

 Real Estate License - If you require more information about jobs in real estate within the Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Toronto Areas, have a look through the site. From here, you can find details of training and license requirements from The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA.COM)to become a Realtor, and you can learn about how choosing the right brokerage can make or break the success of your new career. To make a confidential inquiry as to whether a career as a Realtor is a good choice for you, contact a recruitment officer at Sutton Group-Summit by calling (905) 897-9555 today!

 Real Estate License, Canada - In Canada, real estate agents (“sales representatives”) are licensed through the individual provinces. In Ontario, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) develops and administers the educational courses required to become a licensed Realtor. To see if a real estate career is right for you, you may wish to try our real estate simulator or simply contact Brian Maguire or Tina Robinson, our recruitment team, at Sutton Group-Summit Realty at (905) 897-9555  or at today!

 Real Estate License, Ontario – Becoming a licensed Realtor can be an excellent career choice. As a Realtor, your earning potential is virtually unlimited; you set your own hours and, best of all, you can control your own destiny! To discover if a real estate career is right for you, try our real estate simulator today!

 Real Estate License In Ontario - To become one of Ontario’s licensed real estate sales representatives, each individual is required to achieve a 75% grade in each of the three Courses in the “Real Estate as a Career” Program offered through OREA. To learn more, you can review the information on this website, attend one of Summit’s seminars or simply contact one of our Recruitment officers at (905) 897-9555 or email today!

 Real Estate License for Mississauga, Toronto and or Oakville/Milton - Sutton Summit has all the information to guide you to an informed decision regarding the licensing process, additional training programs, and how to find the right broker to give your new career the best chance of success. To learn more, call Sutton Group-Summit Realty today!

Real Estate Jobs - There are many job opportunities within the real estate industry, from management to training, support and, of course, sales. To learn more about rewarding careers in real estate, contact a recruitment officer or email .

 Real Estate Career - Are you considering switching careers, possibly to a Career in Real Estate sales in the Mississauga/Toronto areas in the near future? Use to learn more about the licensing requirements and costs involved in becoming a Sales Representative in Ontario.

Career In Real Estate – Discover everything from licensing requirements to the overall costs of being licensed with RECO, OREA, CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) and the actual Real Estate Boards and learn what Summit will do for you to insure your success as a Sales Representative. Still feeling unsure? Try our real estate simulator or call a Summit recruitment officer at (905)897-9555 today!

Canadian Real Estate License - A career in the real estate industry offers lots of benefits for those who are motivated to higher achievement levels as compared to traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Learn what it takes to get your license to sell in the Canadian real estate market at Sutton Summit today! Call us at (905) 897-9555 or email .

 Real Estate License Course – In addition to the initial mandatory courses that required to get your real estate license in Ontario, but there are three Articling courses mandated by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) which must be completed within the first two years after acquiring your license. Learn more about these requirements as well as other invaluable tips about starting your career in real estate at Sutton Group Summit by calling (905) 897-9555 today!

 Real Estate Broker - One of the critical decisions you must make as you embark on your real estate career is your selection of a real estate brokerage. Among the considerations facing you will be the ongoing training and support services offered, the sales and promotional tools at your disposal, and the commission structures being offered. A brokerage provides the structure within which you will work and prosper. It is extremely important that you consider factors effecting not only your first year but succeeding years as well. Sutton Group-Summit Realty can provide you with an excellent combination of training, support and lucrative commission structure for the years ahead. Review our multiple training levels .

Real Estate Brokerage – This simply refers to the real estate company itself. The real estate brokerage has to be licensed by the Province of Ontario and requires that a person holding a Broker’s license be appointed Broker of Record. This individual is held accountable to the various Boards and Licensing authorities.

 Considering an exciting career as a licensed Realtor? To learn about our training courses, support systems and how to acquire a position as a licensed Realtor, call a recruitment officer at (905) 897-9555 today!







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